The rapidly changing business market open-up many opportunities and challenges for companies / businesses operating in Vietnam.
Facing the relentless fluctuations of the market. Businesses are required to change every day to keep pace with the trends of the times.
However, not all businesses can catch up with the trend, which can lead to the delay of development of businesses.
That’s reason we are appeared to help businesses redefine their direction, as well as propose timely and trendy development strategies.

Sunday Corp Business Consulting Services – We are pleased to bringing you the most practical value you are looking for.

What do businesses receive from our consulting service?

Competitor analysis
We help you understand your competitors’ strengths / weaknesses. This helps you identify gaps in your business and identify your current position relative to your competitors.

Research marketing strategy
We will analyze the target market and give the best marketing strategy for your business.

The feasibility-evaluation of the plan
We will help your business evaluate most accurately with the plan you set. In order to minimize unnecessary risks.

Identify appropriate human resource management methods.
Not all leaders know how to use people. And we will help you identify effective HR management. This will motivate your business to create stable productivity, contributing to the growth of your business.

Sunday Corp is proud to own a team of competent personnel and professional experience which are accumulated for many years. With what we have, we will bring businesses the best quality service.